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Boost Your Project Management Skills With an MBA

Sharpen your project management skills by earning your Master of Business Administration. Organizations are increasingly using project-based methods to achieve tasks. Learning how to successfully plan, organize and manage a project is vital to adding value to any organization.

Through coursework that emphasizes project management skills, students can gain experience driving successful projects. Additionally, students must learn time management to stay on track with their courses. This is especially true for working professionals pursuing an MBA online.

A project manager works toward achieving a specific goal within a certain amount of time. Likewise, a student manages coursework so that it is complete by the deadline.

Coursework in Project Management

In addition to basic business courses like managerial accounting and marketing strategy, Boise State's MBA curriculum offers coursework that builds important project management skills, including leadership and interpersonal communication. Although all courses in the program develop these skills to various degrees, a number of courses specifically teach students about managing projects and fostering teamwork.

Two courses, in particular, BUSMBA 540: Managing Successful Projects and BUSMBA 510: People and Organizations, teach project management skills. Online MBA graduate Kjell Ooms, who completed the program while working full time as a construction project manager, says these two courses taught him important skills.

The course Managing Successful Projects teaches students about team formation and conflict management. The course also incorporates various project management tools.

The People and Organizations course covers relevant project management skills like communication, motivation and negotiation.

Group projects in other courses provide students with opportunities to develop their communication skills. Effective and transparent communication is essential to students in the online program. Virtual communication can have its own set of challenges, and developing successful communication strategies that promote collaboration can be extremely beneficial to your career.

Mastering Time Management

Project scheduling and time management are core project management skills. These skills are critical for students who juggle the demands of school with professional and personal obligations. Completing coursework on top of working 40-hour weeks can be stressful. Online MBA students need to manage their time and organize tasks to make sure everything is on track, much like a project manager would.

Although earning an MBA online allows working professionals to continue their education on their schedule, finding time for coursework in an already busy day can be difficult. Kjell Ooms found a way to balance working full time with taking two courses at once. He established a routine and dedicated a couple of hours every night to his studies.

Although online courses let students work at their own pace, they have to actively designate time for school. In an online MBA program, as in project management, planning is essential to completing coursework on time and staying on track.

Understanding how to contribute to the success of a project is essential to boosting your career. Project management at any organization requires teamwork, communication and time management. Developing your project management skills through the online MBA program is a great way to become an even greater asset to your organization.

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