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Learn managerial accounting with an online MBA

Online MBA programs help business leaders develop the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. When you’re competing for a job in the marketplace, an MBA can make the difference between getting the job and being passed over. According to Fortune magazine, the highest base salary for the top earners with an MBA in 2013 was $375,000 per year. With potential earnings of that scale, it makes sense to make an investment in your future and get the education needed to succeed.

Online MBA programs teach managerial accounting

Most MBA programs include managerial accounting as a core course. Managerial accounting classes examine cost-based accounting concepts and practices that can be applied in most companies. As a manager, you are likely responsible for at least some of your firm's resources, and understanding the basic principles of activity-based costing and how to allocate and manage funds can help you succeed in your role. If you're working now and hoping to move into a managerial role, an online MBA programs can help you work your way up the corporate ladder. Schools like Boise State, one of the top 20 public schools that offers a completely online program, don’t require you to ever enter a classroom. All of the work for the degree can be completed online.

Typical courses required for an online MBA

In addition to managerial accounting, a typical course load includes classes in business foundations, design thinking and strategic management, marketing and economics. These courses are designed to boost your skills using the latest methodologies and techniques. Also, project management courses help you learn how to navigate the difficult field of interpersonal relations and develop the ability to manage a team as well as projects. An online MBA program provides additional coursework in accounting, finance, marketing and legal issues. The coursework gives you the structural knowledge necessary to effectively manage people and organizations.

Length of time required to complete an online MBA program

Most online MBA programs can be completed in approximately 12 months. Students are required to take approximately 49 credit hours’ worth of courses. For those who can’t commit to the intensive 12-month schedule, the degree program can be extended. Since most online MBA programs provide 100 percent digital content, textbooks and other materials are easy to come by. Courses can be completed in the convenience of your home with only an Internet connection and a browser needed. Managerial, cost-based accounting concepts teach modern business owners how to prepare their businesses for success. The knowledge obtained from an online MBA program can help prevent a manager from working in the dark and making mistakes when running a team. Getting a degree helps you to improve your skills, while making you a valuable asset for your company. Graduates often report better insight into their fields, increased creativity and a higher level of confidence after completing a program. Online programs are perfect for busy professionals who don’t have the time required to complete a traditional program.


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