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A Look at the MBA Job Market in the Pacific Northwest

The job market varies significantly by region, so it is important to consider where the best job opportunities are once you get your degree. If you are looking to put your Master of Business Administration (MBA) to work in the Pacific Northwest, you are in luck. From corporate giants to energized startups, business is booming on the West Coast.

The Pacific Northwest Job Market

The Pacific Northwest has always been on the forefront of business success. While the region is not as well known for its business prowess as Silicon Valley, for instance, Seattle-based companies like Starbucks and Amazon are two of the most widely recognized brands in the world.

MBAs and Tech Companies

Recently the tides of the business market have shifted heavily toward technology. Too many people assume that you had to be an engineer or a computer genius to go into the tech industry — not so. In fact, more and more MBA graduates are going into the technology industry now than ever before. In 2014, schools in Washington state found more graduates claiming technology jobs than jobs in any other industry.

Not only are more graduates flocking toward tech companies, but tech companies are paying MBA holders more than employers in traditional business fields like banking and consulting . With the economy improving and Pacific Northwest companies gaining traction, the job market looks promising throughout the region.

Unexpected Opportunities

Part of the reason the Pacific Northwest is doing so well is because the construction and professional business services industries are supporting each other as both grow. Professional business services hire construction companies and construction companies hire professional business services. This symbiotic relationship is allowing both sectors to increase their hiring potential.

As a result of the region’s mutually beneficial business practices, MBA holders can find some fantastic job opportunities in unexpected places. For example,, with locations throughout Idaho, hired for positions that require an MBA. A web-based dispatch software company for small to mid-sized trucking companies, posts jobs on sites like

Micron is another Pacific Northwest-based company in the tech industry that also hired MBA graduates. In Oregon, Propeller is a fast-growing consulting company with a perfect employee satisfaction rating.

Put Your MBA to Work

At Boise State University, earning an MBA online takes as few as 12 months. Make the most of that year by ranking your interest in your courses before, during and after each term. While you may not be too enthused about taking BUSMBA 545 Legal Issues in Business at the beginning of the session, by the end you may find that you have a real knack for understanding and negotiating intellectual property rights.

Your MBA program is an opportunity to get to know the business world as well as yourself. Make the most of your degree by using your time as a student to reflect on what interests you so that you can have the most rewarding career possible.

With an MBA, you can work in any industry, from technology to arts and leisure. When looking for a job, start by envisioning the industry you would most like to work in. Then begin to branch out and consider where you might find similar opportunities.

For example, if you love working in marketing but you also find the healthcare or nonprofit industries interesting, consider searching for marketing manager positions at hospitals, health insurance companies, physicians’ groups and charitable organizations. If you love accounting but have a secret passion for computer software, consider seeking a financial advisor job at one of the many software companies in the Pacific Northwest.

As the fields of business and technology merge, prospects are brighter than ever for MBA graduates in the Pacific Northwest, which has a personality all its own.

Learn more about the Boise State online MBA program.


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