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Use Your Military Education Benefits for the Online MBA

Earning a Master of Business Administration is a goal for many, though paying for one isn't always simple. Boise State University is trying to ease that concern for active-duty military members, their spouses and veterans. The school accepts Post-9/11 GI Bill funds to cover tuition for its online MBA program.

The armed forces provide military personnel an education many of us are not privy to; however, it doesn't usually involve skills in business, finance or entrepreneurship. That's where Boise State can help.

Morgan Prince is an IT specialist at Boise Veterans Administration Hospital and a 2018 MBA graduate. Before signing up for Boise State's online program, she spent five years in the Air Force as a computer technician. After returning to civilian life, Prince saw a master's degree as a huge asset to her career advancement. Because of the flexibility and autonomy of an online program, she could charge ahead and complete her degree in 12 months while taking advantage of a financial boost from the government.

"I was using my Post-9/11 GI Bill," she said. "I had 18 months to finish before tuition would come out-of-pocket. That was my biggest motivator to get it done in a year. Having that as a goal rather than spreading it out over two years made me stay on top of everything and really make it a priority."

Accustomed to the structure of her military background, Prince easily developed an organized routine to integrate her courses with her full-time job. The program's flexibility allows students to work at their own pace, something Prince appreciated.

"I could pause a video, go back and watch it again," she explained. "If I was really familiar with a topic, I didn't necessarily have to sit through a lecture. That flexibility is nice."

Online MBA Taps Military Skills

For some men and women who have served, studying for an MBA is a natural fit. Military MBA says officers of the armed services add value to their academic programs because they have acquired advanced technical acumen as well as leadership skills and a strong understanding of time and project management.

"Through active practice and experience, military officers live a life of leadership," Military MBA says. "Military leaders are known for their values, ethics, and strong leadership skills such as problem solving, decisiveness and succinct communication. They have experience developing teams and working with large groups of diverse people to accomplish organizational goals. These character traits are important factors for success in ... graduate school."

Boise State's MBA program isn't just for active military members or veterans. It works for military spouses, too. According to, when enrolled in a school that requires physical attendance, you may lose credits if you transfer to another college because of relocation. Because Boise State's classes are 100 percent online, students never have to worry about attending lectures in person. Curricula are available anywhere you can access the internet, any time of day.

Take it from Prince: Boise State's online MBA offers a career-enhancing option for use of your Post-9/11 GI Bill money.

Learn more about the Boise State online MBA program.


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