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More jobs, higher salaries for MBA grads

Maybe you've heard that an MBA can lead to more job opportunities and better salaries. That's because the statistics continue to show that the more education you complete, the more alluring you become to prospective employers. When a company falters and jobs are tight, employers become more selective and want to hire individuals who have meaningful problem-solving and management capabilities. An online MBA program prepares you for the business-related challenges being faced by individuals, agencies and corporations. For example, the digitization of health records essentially created a new job sector in the healthcare industry for well-equipped analysts and managers. The sudden influx of raw data that can improve the American healthcare system must be organized, analyzed and interpreted accurately by professionals who will not be overwhelmed or intimidated by the task.

Top MBA jobs

For the most part, an MBA will prepare you to enter jobs at the management level. Because you will have a better grasp of organizational behavior, leadership tactics and interpersonal skills, you may be expected to steer your department’s ship. Some of the hottest MBA jobs are in the fields of software development, fiscal management and analysis in information, management and operations. Each of these career paths requires a deeper understanding of the inner workings since the influx of information has increased significantly with technological advances. It is no longer enough to just keep up with the trends; staying ahead matters too.

MBA jobs and their salaries

Salaries for MBA graduates can be attractive, even for graduates who have just completed their programs. Reports show that the average salary for an MBA graduate is 50 percent higher than that of an undergraduate. If an undergrad is offered a salary of $50,000, an MBA graduate can very well receive a salary offer of $75,000, for example. Then, after five years, research shows that the money usually compounds with a total increase in salary of up to 80 percent.

MBA jobs and hiring rates

Even when the economy is down, the demand for MBA graduates remains. When companies are struggling, they search for professionals who can turn things around with fresh ideas and out-of-the-box business strategies, and when companies are profiting, they want to remain on top of their game. The statistics back up this win-win scenario with poll results of up to 72 percent of employers surveyed expecting to hire MBA graduates at any given point. Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and biologist, was paraphrased as saying that change favors the prepared mind. Studies show that he was right. A professional who completes an MBA program develops a prepared mind that employers want to hire and compensate accordingly.


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