GMAT advice: Review MBA admission requirements first

If you are planning to apply to an online MBA program, then it is important to understand the program’s admission requirements. Those admission requirements will likely require a standardized test of some kind, which is most often the GMAT. Understanding the test requirements so that you know what to study can make the admissions process go more smoothly. Looking up the MBA admission requirements for all the programs you plan on applying to should always be your first step in the admissions process.

One important reason for this is that it may turn out that you have a choice between the GMAT and the GRE.  The two tests are similar, but have key differences that may mean that you could do much better on one exam than the other.  If you understand the MBA admission requirements from the beginning, then you can pick the test that plays to your strong suit, which will likely save you a lot of time and money on studying. The key differences between the GRE and the GMAT include:

  • GMAT has more math
  • GRE has one more essay than the GMAT
  • GRE tests vocabulary
  • GMAT tests grammar knowledge and critical reasoning

It is not only important to understand the requirements, but also how schools weigh each of the tests in their admissions process. This is because you always want to put your best foot forward. If a school values the GMAT more, it might be more beneficial to take it even if you think you can score higher on the GRE.

Another important reason to check MBA admission requirements first is that some online MBA programs may offer test waivers. This means that you might not have to take the GMAT at all. There are a variety of reasons that a school might offer a GMAT waiver. For example, some schools offer GMAT waivers to students who have several years of a certain work experience, like project management or supervising. Other schools might give GMAT waivers to students who meet certain GPA requirements. Another reason a school might give a GMAT waiver is if the student already has a graduate degree.

It is important to know and understand the MBA admission requirements of the schools you apply to as your first step in the admissions process. This could save you a lot of time studying for a test that you might not need to take.

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