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Three industries for an MBA grad

MBA graduates face a world of opportunity in a variety of careers

From trade certificates to four-year degrees, many college majors are geared toward a specific industry niche. Although you may have a degree in accounting or business, you might want to look into a wider range of job opportunities. By earning an online Master of Business Administration, you can actually work in almost any sector you desire. Applying your knowledge and networking effectively opens up dozens of industries for MBA graduates. Below are three potential career tracks for MBA grads:

Developing a focus on sales

An online MBA program focuses your mind on abstract thinking. You can learn to forecast sales and develop smart strategies to match the industry’s pace, for example. Managing a sales force is not a simple task, but the training that an MBA program provides can teach you how to communicate effectively to lead teams and implement sound business strategies.

Honing marketing skills

If you want to advance your career in marketing, an MBA can provide the necessary skills and training. Through your coursework, you can learn about core advertising concepts, as well as how to execute marketing campaigns that are within budget and in line with a company's brand. An MBA program teaches you about market opportunities, segment analysis and customer behavior to equip you to implement marketing strategies.

Become a consultant

All the planning in the world cannot stop some businesses from hitting speed bumps in sales. Use your online MBA to become a business consultant who works with top companies across the world as they undergo corporate reorganizations or look for ways to boost profits. With your educational background, working with each company gives you another notch on the experience belt. Consulting expertise is gained from a solid background in organizational design and strategic management, through a combination of professor guidance and real-world experience.

How online degrees help you excel

Take all your courses online to earn that MBA without leaving your current position. You do not have to wait to use your new knowledge. Try out some business administration concepts at work the very next day. You may find that the information makes more sense when used in a real-life situation.

With perseverance and support, it is possible to complete an online MBA program and see how it enhances your career. An industry that initially shut you out could re-consider you for employment if you have the right educational background. Prove you can work with top executives using a master’s degree to its full potential.


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