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Tips for Getting a New Job This Year

Today's job search has become a mostly digital endeavor. You spend hours online sending out resumes, tweaking your cover letter and scrolling through job search sites for interesting positions. Standing out in a sea of applications can be exhausting and is now harder than ever, but it is possible.

Follow these tips to boost your confidence, refine your time-management skills and position yourself to impress hiring managers.

Make a Plan

Most people have to fit their job search into an already busy schedule of work, kids and other activities. Time is usually in short supply, which makes it vital to have a plan.

Popular job site Glassdoor offers an action-oriented approach to help you implement a plan. Using a 7-day formula, the site suggests focusing on one task for each day of the week. Sundays are reserved for planning, while the remaining six days of the week involve research, networking and revising your resume.

If the 7-day plan doesn't fit your needs, make a plan that does. You can allocate blocks of time to researching potential employers, job searching and updating your resume instead of using specific days of the week for particular tasks.

Make Sure Your Resume Is Current

An updated, clear and concise resume is key to standing out in the job hunt. Ensure your resume includes the following elements:

  • Your name and current contact information across the top.
  • A synopsis of your skills.
  • Any accolades, awards or major accomplishments.
  • Volunteer activities.

One of the best ways to show how you excelled at a specific place of employment is to list your accomplishments under the synopsis of your job duties for that particular position. This gives hiring managers quick access to the information.

A resume should include your most recent place of employment as well as any previous employment relevant to the position to which you are applying. If you have any gaps in employment, be prepared to explain them to a hiring manager during an interview.

Network, Network, Network

With 44 percent of employers situated to hire more full-time staff, 2018 is a great time to find a new job. That said, now is also the time to network. Though employers are thinking of adding staff, they might not be ready to do so right away. Networking is a great way to add your name to a list of potential candidates before a job is ever posted.

Face-to-face networking is a great way to stand out. It can help hiring managers connect a face with your name, especially if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Another way to widen your job search is to let your friends and acquaintances know you desire a new position. A friend might have a colleague hiring for the exact position you are interested in.

Consider an MBA

Maybe you have a longer-term goal and are considering a position that requires additional credentials. One way to obtain the necessary qualifications is through an MBA program. In today's world, an MBA is possible for working professionals, thanks to online education.

The Graduate Management Admission Council reports that 83 percent of employers plan on hiring new business school graduates in 2018. The figure is up from 79 percent in 2017 and 68 percent in 2016. This upward trend signals a promising job market for MBA grads. With flexible options that include online classes and part-time enrollment, going back to school for an MBA is a viable option for career enhancement.

Getting a new job is possible, especially if you have a plan in place. Remember that your resume is often a potential employer's first impression, so you will want the document to shine. Additionally, networking and earning an MBA can further improve your prospects and add to your credentials.

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