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What Are Boise State Online MBA Grads Saying?

Boise State University offers an online Master of Business Administration program that not only fulfills the academic needs of its students but fosters relationships as well. U.S. News & World Report says the Boise State MBA is one of the best online programs in the country, but tell these alumni something they don't know.

New Role, New Degree

Karolin Marakool began working at an integrated technology consulting firm in 2007. By 2016 she became the company's associate director. The promotion introduced exciting new challenges and Marakool decided it was time to hit the books.

"My roles have never really dealt with finance or accounting as a primary responsibility," she said. "That was the primary driver for looking into MBA programs ... so I could be more confident in signing and understanding these million-dollar contracts I was putting together."

Marakool chose Boise State's online MBA because of its unique courses, flexibility and affordability. She built strong relationships with her professors and found they were always available for phone calls. Through their guidance, Marakool learned valuable skills to boost her career performance.

"I learned how to have the vocabulary to speak within the business," she said. "The MBA program helps you have a conversation with other experts. I now know how to communicate better with others in the business."

Wife, Mom, Graduate

Marakool chose to complete her degree one class at a time, unlike Morgan Prince, who fast-tracked her MBA to earn it in 12 months. An Air Force veteran, Prince utilized her military training to help organize and navigate the responsibilities of integrating Boise State's online courses with her full-time job in IT.

"It was kind of what I expected," she said. "Each teacher was different with how they did things. It's nice to work at your own pace. I could pause a video, go back and watch it again. If I was really familiar with a topic, I didn't necessarily have to sit through a lecture. That flexibility is nice."

As an employed wife and soon-to-be mother, Prince strived to avoid stress as much as possible. Each Sunday, she reviewed her teacher's expectations for the week and prioritized assignments, ensuring everything was completed either on time or ahead of schedule.

"As long as I prioritized, wrote myself a list of things to do, put time aside for each thing and started early, it was fine," Prince explained.

Cementing His Future

When Phillip Teintze applied to Boise State's MBA program, he already had a master's degree in metallurgical and materials engineering. He's a production manager for a cement company, and his employer was satisfied with his educational background. It was Teintze's own drive that led him back to school.

"Because I already had a master's degree, I didn't need the MBA to get further along in the company," Teintze said. "As I got more experience and started moving into leadership positions, I realized I needed a better foundation in business to know budgets and finance."

Teintze was drawn to Boise State's reputation and leveraged the flexibility its online classes provide. He was able to maintain sharp focus on his career while earning a 4.0 GPA.

Ready to find out what makes Boise State's online MBA exceptional and join the growing list of successful graduates?

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