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What Do Recruiters Think about Online MBA Graduates?

As technology evolves, so does the educational environment. There is a growing desire from job recruiters for MBAs, but prospective students are reluctant to leave their salaries to earn graduate degrees. However, online MBA programs can offer solutions for both groups. Working professionals can now earn their degrees on their own time without sacrificing their careers, giving recruiters a bigger pool of qualified workers from which to choose.

But the big question is, do corporate recruiters and hiring managers value degrees earned online as much as those earned via a more traditional route? More and more the answer seems to be “yes.” As more people earn their degrees online through reputable, nonprofit universities, recruiters are jumping at the chance to bring in highly qualified candidates, such as those who have earned an MBA.

What recruiters look for

There is no doubt that having an MBA is valuable, and many job descriptions even require a master’s degree. However, MBA recruiters look at several other factors, as well. The school from which the MBA is earned matters, and an online MBA looks exactly like a traditional MBA. That is to say that the degree itself does not have the word “online” anywhere on it.

But if it comes to light that a degree was earned online, many recruiters actually see added value in that. Those who earn their graduate degrees through an online MBA program tend to take ownership of their professional growth and development. Oftentimes, they are not actively searching for new opportunities, but are open to offers. Online students usually work while pursuing their MBAs, thereby proving that they possess valuable time management and goal-setting skills and the ability to handle heavy workloads.

The benefits of an online MBA program

Earning an MBA online has other advantages that MBA recruiters are typically aware of. When class topics are discussed in a bulletin-board fashion, every comment and question carries the same weight, meaning each student's voice is just as powerful as every other student's voice. Online MBA candidates, therefore, do not get overshadowed by their peers.

They are also comfortable with technology. Many online MBA programs incorporate video conferencing, podcasts and chat features into the curriculum. Knowledge of these platforms is highly beneficial in today's global marketplace where top level managers work with teams remotely.

Years ago, there may have been a stigma when it came to degrees earned online, but things have changed. As technology advances, so does the classroom. Many top-ranking business schools have realized that there is a market for online education and have since mirrored their traditional programs for remote students.

And as more online MBA earners enter the marketplace, recruiters also realize that there is no difference in the quality of education between a traditional MBA and one earned online. If anything, those recruiters are starting to realize that those who are able to balance work and school possess valuable skill sets and abilities.

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