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Do you have questions about earning your degree online from Boise State? We’ve got answers. We are here with you every step of the way in your education journey.

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We’re Here So You Can Stay On Track

Hear what our program advisors promise in helping you during the Online MBA experience.

What if I haven’t decided when I want to start?
When you’re applying, we recommend you select the earliest start option you’re considering. You can always push your start to a future session. If you’ve applied and haven’t received a decision yet, you can request a start date change through your Enrollment Specialist.

Get Started Early on Your First Course

Once you’ve been accepted and you’re enrolled, get started in BUSMBA 500: Business Foundations.

Financial Aid

5 Things to Know About Financial Aid

Thinking about utilizing Financial Aid for your online MBA? Learn the top considerations for using financial aid to pay for your education.

Different Types of Graduate Financial Aid

Learn about different types of financial aid available for graduate school.

How to Qualify for Financial Aid

How many credit hours do I need to take to qualify for financial aid? We'll show you.

When to Apply for Financial Aid

Watch this video that outlines the process and timing of filing for financial aid.

I received financial aid. What's next?

Learn what to do next to make sure you're set for your first course.


What type of military resources are available?

Lori Sprague, former coordinator of Veterans Services at Boise State, highlights the support and resources available for veterans.

Can I get my application fee waived if I’m military?
Yes, your application fee can be waived if you’re a current or previous active duty, reserve military or National Guard member or spouse. Your application fee can be waived if you have not yet submitted your application. Please contact your Enrollment Specialist at 855-290-3840 to learn more about the waiver.

Current Students

Can I change my area of emphasis?
Yes, you may change your area of emphasis after you’ve started the program. To learn more about the policies related to current students, please reference the Emphasis page on the COBE website.

We also encourage you to work directly with your advisor. You can request an appointment online. If you’re ready to officially change your area of emphasis, you’re required to submit your completed Course Carousel (Excel document) available on the COBE website and submit an OMBA Update/Request form.

About the Online MBA Program

What makes the Boise State program so unique?

Find out what unique elements the Online MBA program possesses that make it ideal for the online student.

What can I expect in the Online MBA program?

Discover the level of support you’ll have–along with information about some of the courses you’ll take during the program.

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