5 Surprising Reasons to Earn an MBA

It is no secret that a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most sought-after graduate degrees. Further, it is well-known that many business professionals pursue an MBA because it dramatically increases their lifetime earning potential. For example, in 2015, the median annual salary for MBA degree holders was $100,000.

However, a higher salary is just one of the reasons to get an MBA. In addition to salary, MBA graduates discover a range of other benefits from the degree, many of which are not evident until after graduation.

1. Grow Your Professional Network

When you are in an MBA program–whether it is done in a traditional brick-and-mortar program or via an online MBA program–you connect with an incredible array of other business professionals as well as professors.

While success is not entirely “who you know,” there is no doubt that getting to know ambitious professionals in other companies and locations sets you up for increased success throughout your career. Maybe the person you are working with on a class project will be the perfect co-founder for your startup. There are lots of opportunities to grow and expand your network with an MBA program.

2. Explore Greater Opportunities

While incremental advancement is possible without an MBA, you are likely to advance faster after completing your degree. One of the reasons to get an MBA is to obtain knowledge that stretches far beyond what you are exposed to in the course of your daily work.

For example, a good online MBA curriculum will cover topics such as design thinking, strategic management, global economics, information technology and business alignment, just to mention a few. Courses like these will expose you to issues and trends in business that you may not encounter otherwise.

3. Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

We all tend to settle into comfortable routines at work and in our personal lives. However, to advance in business significantly, you have to be willing to try new things and explore new territory.

Employers see this as one of the best reasons to get an MBA. In other words, they recognize the initiative required to successfully pursue an MBA. They know that MBA degree holders will apply this same work ethic and initiative to their careers and the companies they work for.

4. Learn Team-Building Skills

When pursuing your MBA, you will find that some of the coursework requires you to work with other students in team settings. This skill transfers directly to the workplace, where companies are working in teams at all levels. Being able to work productively as a part of a team is an important skill set, and one that often needs practice to develop. You may also be able to lead team projects, thereby allowing you to develop leadership skills as well.

5. See Where the Business World Is Headed

It is not always easy to get the “big picture” when you are working at a junior or entry-level position. You can gain a broader perspective in an MBA program because you will study current, real-world examples of business situations. Being able to take the pulse of today’s business environment is one of the great benefits of earning an MBA degree.

You may find one of these reasons to get an MBA more compelling than another; regardless, you are sure to discover all of these benefits when you complete your MBA degree.

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