Boise State Football Program Helps Recruit Elise Allwein to Online MBA Program

After gaining seven years of experience in property management, Elise Allwein knew it was time to take on a new challenge.

“I wanted to make a transition in my career that required an educational background I didn’t have,” she said. “So, it was an easy decision to pursue a master’s degree at that point.

Allwein graduated from the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Boise State University in May 2020.

“I went to a small school for undergrad, so, even though it was online, I wanted to go to a school that’s a little bigger and more well-known,” she said. “My husband, Matthew, suggested I look into Boise State. He’s a fan of the football team.

“It worked out well. The curriculum was what I was looking for, and they offered a scholarship for work experience. It was beneficial for me.”

Allwein also earned a promotion to asset manager at Morgan Properties in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She has worked for the same company for nearly eight years. Allwein and her husband have a daughter, Scarlett (6), so the flexibility of the online format was key.

“I got promoted right as I was graduating. It was good.” she said. “I had obligations at home and worked full time. When I took that first role at the corporate office, I was commuting three hours a day, so I needed that flexibility. I did that for a year before we moved closer.”

Although Allwein had not planned on returning to school for a graduate degree, she knows that it was a smart decision to earn an MBA.

“I work with younger people who are fresh out of college,” she said. “They ask me about going back to school. I always tell them it helped me a lot.”

In the Pocket

Allwein grew up near Hershey, Pennsylvania, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and recreation marketing operations from Lock Haven University in 2010.

“I fell into my career,” she said. “My last year of college, I lived in a private student housing community. I applied to be a resident assistant. I ended up loving it.”

After starting off as an assistant property manager at PRG Real Estate, Allwein became a property manager in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, for Morgan Properties. She enrolled at Boise State in 2017.

“I liked having that work experience first,” she said. “I was able to apply the classes to my current job. I also felt like I brought more to the table with the assignments because of my day-to-day.”

Allwein benefitted from what she learned in each course in the online MBA curriculum — especially classes titled Managerial Accounting and Corporate Finance.

“That’s what I like, so I knew those would be my favorites,” she said. “They were difficult, but I liked those and Operations and Supply Chain Management. It’s funny because I didn’t do much with supply chain at the time, but our renovations at the properties are now being delayed because of supply chain issues. That has a financial impact.”

Hitting Paydirt

Although Allwein’s family and friends had some trepidation about her earning an online MBA, they were fully supportive throughout her journey. She is the first person in her immediate family to earn a graduate-level degree.

“They were excited, but they thought I was crazy because I had a lot on my plate,” she said. “It was fine. They were happy for me. They work around your schedule, too.”

Now that Allwein has an MBA on her resume, she hopes to continue advancing her career and applying the knowledge she gained at Boise State.

“Our company is growing, so there is a lot more opportunity within it,” she said. “I would like to move up to a director role in the future. I believe that the MBA will help me get there.”

Allwein also enjoyed getting to know her online classmates and benefitting from their knowledge and perspectives.

“While it is online, you have to dedicate some time to it each day,” she said. “You also meet so many new people and network across the country. They’re in the same boat as you.

“You have group projects, which was challenging because most people were from the west coast. We had someone in our group from Japan. It’s cool. I got good value out of the MBA program.”

Now that Allwein is a Bronco for life, she and her family added a trip to Idaho to see a football game on the blue turf to their bucket list.

“We enjoy football season,” she said. “It’s the best time of year.”

Learn more about Boise State University’s online MBA program.

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