Effective Self-Promotion in the Workplace

For many people, self-promotion isn’t something that comes naturally. There is a fine line between humility and arrogance when advocating for oneself in the workplace. For a vast majority of hard workers, doing a good job isn’t quite enough to get noticed. If you want to distinguish yourself at your job for working hard and producing stellar work, some self-promotion is in order.

Getting noticed doesn’t mean that you need to be obnoxious or aggressive. Instead, learning what is valued in a leader and exhibiting those behaviors will show your coworkers and managers your interests and goals. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) online from Boise State University can give professionals the confidence, leadership techniques, knowledge and creativity to gracefully self-promote in today’s competitive job market.

There are many ways to self-promote: use social media, create a brand and market yourself to make your expertise, knowledge, services, interests, talents and strengths easily known to potential clients and current employers. Self-promotion is not only important to get noticed in a large company, but it’s also vital for the self-employed freelancer. Here are some helpful hints for successful self-advocacy to get that raise or promotion that won’t rub your coworkers the wrong way.

Tips for Self-Promotion in the Workplace

While you don’t want to brag and toot your own horn in the workplace constantly, there are ways to self-promote that even introverts can feel comfortable doing.

  • Use social media. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, there is no shortage of options to self-promote online. Advocating for yourself on social media can take away some of the stress you may feel by doing it in person. It’s simple to share an article that you’ve written, a write up about a project you completed, a skill you’ve learned or a class you finished. If your boss is on LinkedIn, you may catch their eye, along with other influencers in the industry.
  • Tell a story. Many people fall into the trap of bragging and repeating “I” while self-promoting. This is what can annoy peers and management. By weaving a story around your accomplishments, you can draw listeners in without being self-aggrandizing.
  • Understand it’s not all about you. Self-promotion can be about how you inspire others. By telling your own story, you can encourage others to realize their dreams and goals. Talk about the role other people played in your achievements and how their hard work helped elevate your own goals. Helping other people as you promote yourself and your skills is effective for getting noticed by your boss and coworkers as someone who will assist others. If you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself, start by thanking your colleagues to remind others of your good work. Then, you can explain how a coworker’s hard work made your job easier.
  • Keep track of your accomplishments. If you receive an email from a client or a coworker complimenting your work, forward it to your boss and mention it as something to talk about in your next review. Your boss wants to see your progression as an employee and that you go above and beyond in your job.
  • Be passionate. The reason many people are uncomfortable with self-promotion is that they don’t like to talk about themselves. Instead of thinking about talking about yourself, talk about your work and what you do. Be passionate and enthusiastic about your accomplishments and the self-promotion will follow.

Knowing your own story and what you want is the path to successful self-promotion. An advanced degree in business can give professionals an understanding of business processes and how to self-advocate and network in their professional lives.

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