How to Advance From an Entry-Level Job

Perhaps you have recently found yourself unemployed, or perhaps you are employed but the career path ahead is unclear. Regardless of why you find yourself looking for new opportunities, finding one relies on knowing the various ways to get a promotion — one of the surest being earning an advanced degree. As of 2017, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that universities awarded the most master’s degrees to students studying business disciplines.

In 2016, the average 25-year-old worker with a bachelor’s degree earned an average salary of $51,094, whereas those with mater’s degrees earned about $67,832 annually. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one way to increase your existing job skills, which can help you advance your business career or re-enter the job market.

Demonstrating Commitment Through an Advanced Degree Program

Enrolling in an MBA program can demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and self-improvement. An online MBA program offers students up-to-date skills, including key functional areas like strategy, finance, marketing, supply chain management, communication, leadership and more. Completing an online program while working shows employers that you are dedicated to your career and education, and that you are good at time management and computer-based tasks.

Other Ways to Earn a Promotion

Beyond earning an MBA, there are many steps you can take to advance your career, regardless of your employment status. Reading job-related materials directly related to your industry keeps you current on growing trends and best practices, which can serve you well during interviews or networking events. Monitoring the development of new software programs means that you will know how businesses are running themselves, both in your industry and beyond, which can be an asset to future employers.

Developing Promotion Attributes

Knowing what hiring managers are looking for, and which careers offer the most opportunity, is essential to the promotion process. Top performing workers have the combination of drive, social skills and marketable skills. Those who are more at ease with novel assignments and unknown situations can solve problems on the fly, and they have a genuine interest in and commitment to moving up the career ladder. Developing these attributes can increase your chances of earning a promotion at work or launching a new career.

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