Looking for One of the Region’s Top Online MBA Programs?

You may have already decided an MBA is for you. You may have also decided to earn your degree online, joining a growing number of students who opt for the convenience, affordability and flexibility of online programs. Now, all you need is to get yourself into a top online MBA program so you do not have to sacrifice a quality education for convenience.

What Makes Boise State a Top Online MBA Program?

Boise State online is one of these top online MBA programs, by any standard. First, it is rated one of the “Top 20 Public Schools” in the West by U.S. News and World Report, a golden standard among higher education rating systems. They have also twice rated the school as a top up-and-coming school in the nation. Boise State University has also been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for their excellence in the teaching department. The business school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Founded in 1932, this university offers both online and on-campus degree programs. The Boise State online MBA is noteworthy in that it uses 100 percent digital content — no paper textbooks. Therefore, the tuition prices you see listed on the school’s website represent the true cost of the program — no course material fees added. Many but not all of the top online MBA programs have adopted this convenient and affordable feature for students, thus bringing down the cost of an MBA even further, without sacrificing quality.

The Program Details

Aside from business basics like managerial accounting and marketing strategy, the Boise MBA offers coursework in the “soft skills” of management and interpersonal skills. The industry is trending towards a preference for managers who demonstrate superior abilities to communicate, prioritize and build a productive team.

Boise State’s online MBA program starts off with a course called Design Thinking and Strategic Management. This course helps students learn how to collaborate and innovate while driving a successful business. Students will work together to creatively solve problems and learn about mind mapping in this special course. This focus on innovation even earned accolades from President Obama.

The Managerial Communication course represents one of the reasons Boise State is ranked among the top online MBA programs. Going beyond what many MBA curricula offer in the way of development of soft skills, this course covers a diverse array of communication strategies for managers:

  • Persuasive presentations
  • Team communication
  • Elevator pitches
  • Written communication

The People and Organizations course covers communication skills and more. From HR planning to group dynamics, these important management skills are analyzed in the coursework, then honed via group projects with classmates. Of course, social media, collaboration software and other modern advancements make working together more convenient for students.

Innovation, quality, national recognition, affordability — it’s easy to see why Boise State is responsible for so many satisfied and successful MBA graduates.

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