Post-Military Options for Officers

One of the biggest problems veterans face when returning to civilian life is the challenge of finding employment in a new social and economic environment. Although many people applaud their skills and what they have done for their country, veterans are not always met with the same eagerness when they apply for jobs. A host of different challenges can appear before them, such as the inability of employers to interpret their accomplished military resumes. Veterans may not know how to market themselves in a professional interview. The good news is that an online MBA for the military can offer a great start for returning military professionals.


The online MBA is a great program for a wide variety of military professionals because it teaches skills that will continue to be in demand, exposes them to unique opportunities, and gives them a chance to learn different subjects.

While in an online MBA program, returning military professionals will take classes in accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, international business and business law. In these classes, they will learn about the world of business and how to get ahead of the competition.

While the skills and knowledge learned in an online MBA program may only seem applicable to the business world, the truth is that they are valuable life skills for military professionals. Classes can help you learn how to get your ideas across to other people in the most efficient manner possible.

Management workshop classes will teach you how to work with a team of people and how to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Classes in accounting and finance will teach you how to manage money and budget for departments and companies effectively.

Another strength of the online MBA program is that it gives students the chance to meet other professionals in their field and work with them on engaging projects. Their team members can offer them valuable advice and direction in their chosen fields. For veterans, this means an opportunity to mingle with professionals in the private sector.


Some of the advantages of the online MBA program are the ease of access, flexible schedule and the completion time. An easy, accessible program means that veterans and military professionals will be able to quickly make their way through the coursework and move on to a satisfying new career.

An online MBA offers flexible weekly or biweekly deadlines for assignments and tests, and there is no expectation of regular on-campus attendance.

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