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The expansion of high-speed internet into 98 percent of homes in the U.S. has revolutionized business, entertainment and communications, including education. Course offerings, instruction and even attendance differ dramatically from the systems in place only 10 years ago.

Online Education Is Growing

One study conducted by the Sloan Consortium reports that online enrollments are growing steadily. Further, the study found that many academic leaders (77 percent) assert that online courses are as good as or better than face-to-face courses. For anyone considering a Master of Business Administration degree, this means you do not have to sacrifice additional education to accommodate your existing professional obligations, since you can complete your coursework online.

A Case for the One-Year MBA

Traditionally, MBA programs have required coursework, practicum and a thesis — all over the course of two years. However, significant numbers of eligible degree candidates demanded flexible scheduling so they could keep their jobs while they pursued their degrees. Online programs developed across the country and around the world to answer these demands.

The Value of Diversity

Part of the value of an MBA program is the diversity of experiences students bring to their courses. Students in any given class come from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and they have varying degrees of professional experience. This variety of perspectives broadens any subject matter, so some MBA programs, like the one available at Boise State, adjusted to include an even more diverse range of students, including those who cannot make a two-year commitment. This accelerated approach enables many students to enter or return to the job market sooner.

Shorter and Cheaper Is Better

The Economist published data comparing the return on investment of some of the best MBA programs in the nation. By comparing pre- and post-MBA salaries and dividing it by the total cost of an MBA program, they found that “Cheaper, shorter MBAs around the world offer better returns.” The savings, in both time and money, that online MBA programs offer give graduates the chance to advance both their careers and their earning potential simultaneously.

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