Use Your Military Skills in an MBA Program

Bridging the Career Gap Between the Military and Civilian Life

The military is a great place for personal development: you learn resolve, discipline, leadership and courage. These are some of the most important skills in any profession, and they are also necessary in college and university programs. Online college degree programs are on the rise, and completing one has never been more convenient.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can adapt your independence, courage and discipline to a business environment. Most veterans face the same challenges when they return to civilian life: finding employment, adjusting to a new routine and coping with old wounds. Fortunately, an online MBA can help you meet these challenges.

Finding Employment

One of the biggest challenges veterans face when returning to civilian life is finding employment in a new social and economic environment. Although many people applaud veterans’ service, they do not always extend this appreciation to the hiring process. Potential employers may not understand how to interpret your military resume, and they may expect a different form of professionalism during an interview than you are accustomed to.

Classes in marketing and advertising will teach you how to communicate with employers and consumers, giving you the tools you need to sell a product or service — or even get a job. Correspondence with experts in the field will also help you build a list of references you can rely on after graduation.

A New Routine

Online degree programs offer flexible class structures, and you are not required to appear on-campus. Veterans may appreciate this format, in that it is adaptable to other adjustments in their new civilian lives. Whether you are still on active duty or adjusting to your new civilian life, an online MBA program will fit into any hectic schedule.

A Bright Future

Adjusting to civilian life is not always easy; however, earning an online MBA can ease the transition. The comprehensive structure of the program will ensure you learn everything you need in the business world. Further, the flexibility of the class structure will allow you to balance work, school and your personal life, even if you are still on active duty.

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