New Ways to Motivate Your Team

Teamwork makes the business world hum by focusing on efficiency, innovation and critical thinking.

Unfortunately, teamwork is something that rarely happens naturally. The common thread among outstanding teams is having leaders who inspire and motivate, keeping employees on track to achieve goals together.

Mistakes to Avoid

According to an article on Inc., good team leaders consistently self-evaluate, determine what’s working and critically judge their own behavior. Some mistakes to avoid:

  • Scheduling purposeless meetings. Up to 4 hours a week are spent in meetings that don’t have a clear agenda or close with specific, actionable items.
  • Creating ambiguity for team members. One study demonstrated that over 60% of employees waste time because they are not clear on a project’s priorities.
  • Micromanaging team members.
  • Punishing team members for honest mistakes.

Five Team Building Skills

What can you do to inspire your team, day in and day out? Rachel Jackson, guest blogger for Impraise, says adept leaders motivate with five simple techniques:

  1. Share your vision and set common goals. Team members must know your expectations. In regularly scheduled meetings, outline clear and measurable goals so you can measure progress.
  2. Focus on effective two-way communication. It keeps employees up to date on what needs to be done and gives them a chance to share their ideas on how to do it. Check in regularly with team members and encourage them to come talk with you.
  3. Promote teamwork. Exercise opportunities to help team members bond. And don’t ignore new team members — consider how they fit in the workplace culture.
  4. Develop an environment that fosters creativity and contentment. Consider issues like privacy, noise, air quality and areas to relax. Encourage healthy habits to help staff maintain energy and reduce stress.
  5. Reward teams for their hard work. Bonuses and other perks, or more responsibility and independence, often inspire employees.

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