What Are Your Weaknesses?

Applying for a Traditional or Online MBA Program

“Should I get an MBA?” is a question that many people who want to move up in the business world ask. Unfortunately, many are held back by their worries about a lack of experience and knowledge: What if I don’t have the necessary math courses? What if I don’t have time to do relevant extracurricular activities? What if I don’t have leadership experience? Working professionals face similar, yet unique challenges. Rather than worrying over these perceived weaknesses, consider an online MBA program.

Time to Take Stock

For many potential MBA students, time is a deterrent. They feel it may be too late to go back to school for the necessary quantitative MBA courses. MBA admissions consultant Stacy Blackman suggests showing you can handle the course load. One way she recommends is through the graduate admissions standardized tests — the GMAT or GRE, depending upon which program you apply to. If your college transcript lacks math courses, a good score on these tests could show the admissions office that you can succeed in a graduate-level quantitative course. Blackman also recommends taking a prep course for the tests if you feel this is one of your weaknesses.

Varying Admissions Policies

Some MBA programs, including the Boise State online MBA program, are designed for working professionals. As such, they consider experience and understand that extracurricular activities can be limited by work responsibilities. Many online MBA programs waive GRE or GMAT scores in lieu of significant work experience and previous college grade-point averages. As for extracurricular activities, Blackman suggests spending two hours on the weekends volunteering. She writes, “Tap into something you really care about, perhaps by reconnecting with something that held your interest before, during, or right after college.”

Weakness as Strength

An important point to remember is that with either a traditional MBA program or an online program, admissions staff are human, too, with similar weaknesses and challenges. MBA admissions consultant and author Linda Abraham believes that “flaws make you real.” She counsels potential MBA students to “reveal a real weakness … [and] show how you have strengthened that area, developed other talents to compensate, or grown as you dealt with and minimized your imperfection.”

When applying for any MBA program, it is necessary to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Admissions officers are not looking for the perfect candidate in terms of strengths. They are looking for a good fit for their program. Consider all your options and the advantages of different programs for your current situation.

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