Why All Managers Need Project Management Skills

Project management is a beneficial skill for any type of manager, not only project managers. Whether managers work for corporations, government agencies or nonprofit organizations, they can develop project management skills to become better leaders and to help their teams achieve their goals. By taking a course in project management in an online MBA program such as the one available through Boise State, degree candidates become an even greater asset to their organizations after they graduate.

Skills Involved in Project Management

Successfully managing projects involves a wide array of skills requiring careful attention. A good project manager can assemble a team of capable people to achieve a specific goal within a designated period of time or until they achieve a certain outcome. Project managers need to know every task involved in accomplishing their teams’ goals, and then they must build teams of people who can take on each one of those tasks.

Managers also need to use effective communication strategies to cast a vision for their teams and give direction on particular components of their projects, as well as using conflict management skills in appropriate situations as they arise. A large component of being a good project manager is knowing how to manage people and equip them to complete the project at hand.

In addition to project management and communication skills, project managers need to be able to organize the details of a project. They must be able to conduct risk analysis at the outset of a project and at each applicable stage thereafter, and they need to understand the project constraints thoroughly. A good project manager is also an expert in delegation.

Ways to Use Project Management Skills

Managers can successfully apply each of these project management skills in any situation. A general manager, in effect, is managing a series of projects: some that are recurring and some that only occur once. Project management, therefore, is a universal skill that all managers should strive to develop throughout their careers.

Managers across all fields and all industries need to be adept at team building, communication and conflict management. They must be able to handle problems between team members as they arise, and they must be able to clearly communicate goals and objectives in a way that unites their teams toward common purposes. Managers must also communicate effectively with their superiors, their customers and any suppliers who provide resources for their team.

All managers, regardless of their fields or industries, need to efficiently handle resources to accomplish their organizations’ general goals and their teams’ specific goals. Managers should be able to see the big picture of their teams’ many projects combined and use problem-solving skills to organize each of them towards their greater objective. They must have basic project management skills like scheduling, budgeting, organization, time management and meeting firm deadlines. Just as project managers must do, other managers must delegate tasks to their personnel for their teams’ daily operations.

Project managers may handle a specific assignment or set of tasks, but their particular skills are extremely valuable in a broader sense as well. Managers of all types would benefit from developing their project management skills and improving their ability to manage personnel and resources. An online MBA program with a course in managing successful projects is an excellent place to build a foundation for the skills any good manager needs.

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Project Management Skills

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