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Our students graduate better prepared to thrive in their careers and beyond. Check out what they have to say about earning their degrees from Boise State online.

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Caitlin Benson

"I chose Boise State because it just felt right. The classes were flexible. It worked with my work schedule. It worked with my personal life."

Peter Epstein

"When I originally enrolled in the program, I was living in Phoenix. Being in school and moving from Phoenix, there wasn’t even an issue since it’s so flexible. When I got to Denver, I just picked up right where I left off."

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Morgan Prince

"I went back for a master's degree for advancement. That's my goal. I wanted to do something a little more well-rounded rather than a computer science master's degree. That way, I could have multiple opportunities rather than locking into one area."

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MBA student Frank Blondino

Frank Blondino

"The MBA gives me a better business and operational perspective. It gave me some good business practices and some different management ideas for managing people. It was definitely good value for the money."

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MBA program gradate Jeff Cerutti

Jeff Cerutti

"I had a knock against online education, thinking that you write the check and get your diploma. After going through the MBA program at Boise State, if I saw an online degree on someone’s resume, I would have a lot more respect for it."

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MBA student Juan Gomez

Juan Camilo Gomez

"A lot of the roles that I liked always preferred a master’s degree. Now that I have gone through the program, I can see why."

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Online MBA graduate Andy Hohweiler

Andy Hohweiler

"If you're in a good job, you like what you're doing and you don't want to jeopardize or pause or potentially leave a good company, I think this is a good program for that. It was a good outlet to get my degree."

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MBA graduate Suzanne Johnson with son

Suzanne Johnson

"Starting a nonprofit from the bottom up was really eye-opening to how much I didn't know and needed to learn. The MBA program has been really helpful with that. A lot of people might think that you wouldn't get an MBA if nonprofit is part of your world, but it was actually tremendously helpful."

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Online MBA graduate Karolin Marakool

Karolin Marakool

"Boise's online MBA program started with [Design Thinking], and its learnings were leveraged across all of the courses from then on. That was fascinating to me since I use design thinking and other design methodologies in my work."

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Online MBA graduate Kjell ooms

Kjell Ooms

"If I keep saying, ‘I'm going to go get it someday, it will never happen.’ I pulled the trigger and thought it would be a career move for me. Managing construction projects is like managing small businesses. I'd like to keep climbing the ladder and eventually get to the project sponsor and then the executive level. I believe the Boise State MBA program will help me do that."

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Boise state online MBA graduate Brandon Padden

Brandon Padden

"I wanted an MBA program that was nationally ranked and had the same curriculum as if I was going on campus. That was very important to me."

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Online MBA graduate Alex Rasti

Alex Rasti

"I have always wanted to move forward and be in a top management role within the company. I am fairly young to be in the position that I am in. I felt like having further education would help my growth. I don’t have the long pedigree of experience that others do."

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Online MBA graduate Phillip Teintze

Phillip Teintze

"If you're in a good job, you like what you're doing and you don't want to jeopardize or pause or potentially leave a good company, I think this is a good program for that. It was a good outlet to get my degree."

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online MBA graduate Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas

"Boise State is a reputable school. Throughout my MBA experience I have felt highly connected to the program, other students, faculty, course coaches and my advisor. BSU does a great job at creating an inclusive program with many avenues of student support."

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Online MBA graduate Laurel Williams

Laurel Williams

"You're going to learn a lot and get a lot out of it. Depending on your goals for the future, an MBA can push you to that next level. Going through the Boise State online MBA program is an option that can give you the flexibility that you need to reach that goal."

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Online MBA graduate Matt Williams

Matt Williams

"I'd like to make myself as valuable as I can in the healthcare field here in Idaho. Having a broader base of education and more understanding of a variety of business areas will only help me."

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